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Detailed Informations on Jusangjeolligil

It is the story 270,000 years ago of the river flow between the crevices of stacked rocks

从重叠岩石缝隙中传来的 27万年前江水的故事

The way water splash on the rock may looks like the same at first glance, but actually each time the way is different.

In fact, human lives and rivers are similar to each other and people yearn for the river. River looks like it live in good order but actually not. Take a breath and listen to the clear and transparent Hantan River. You may hear the voices of Hantan River, which has been passed down from a long time ago in superb view of the strong columnar joint at the back and water stream that made foam on the river.


虽然像过着井然有序相似的生活,但每个人的生活就像江水一样有各自的生活,所以人们向往江水。 在清澈透明的汉滩江旁,屏住呼吸聆听它的故事。也许在留下各种泡沫的汉滩江水珠和在旁边守护着的柱状节理绝景中可以听到,从古流传下来的汉滩江声音。

  • Cheorwon

    Mysterious geological spot of lava and riverCheorwon Jusangjeolli-gil

    • Section distance : 29.5km
    • Nurigil Sightseeing Attractions : Seungil Park/Cheorwon Hannyeoul-gil /Taebong bridge/Jiktam Falls
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  • Yeoncheon

    Road that connecting past and presentYeoncheon Jusangjeolligil

    • Section distance : 23.5km
    • Nurigil Sightseeing Attractions : Chatan Bridge/ Samdan Falls/ Chatancheon Jusangjeolligil/ Eundaeri Jusangjeolligil/ Samhyeongje Island/ Eundaeriseong
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  • Pocheon

    A lot of stories flowing in clear water.Pocheon Jusangjeolli-gil

    • Section distance : 53km
    • Nurigil Sightseeing Attractions : Badulginang Falls/ Auraji Pillow Lava/ Hwajeog-yeon/ Gamaso Valley of Gyodong/ Ongjang Cave/ Pocheon Art Valley
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Cheorwon Jusangjeolli-gilMysterious geological spot of lava and river


The Hantan River, which has been called the "Big Shoal" and "Han-Shoal" since ancient times, it is a curve huge canyon in basalt plain generated by volcanic activity. Especially, the Cheorwon area, where the Pyeonghwa Nuri-gil begins, in the 80m long bedrock, the water of Jiktang Falls falls down vertically and strongly. Goseokjeong Pavilion, where Im Kkeok-jeong hides his body, the river twists and there is a Sundam Valley that forms a canyon. Both are famous for its geological value and its beautiful scenery. Walk along Cheorwon Columnar Joint Road (Jusangjeolli-gil) and meet the mysterious scenery.


Section distance : 29.5km

Jusangjeolligil Gallery

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Yeoncheon JusangjeolligilRoad that connecting past and present


The perfectly clear Hantan River has flowing for a long time. In Yeoncheon, the visitors are coming for the huge hexagonal column in the columnar joint that formed about 270,000 years ago. The hot lava that flowed down through the old volcanic eruption meets the cold river, it is hexagonally cut and long, it remains for a long time in Hantan River. It is a road that created along the huge rock cliff and river. Please enjoy the mystery created by lava in Yeoncheon Columnar Joint Road that with the high and low rock cliffs.


Section distance : 23.5km

Jusangjeolligil Gallery

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Pocheon Jusangjeolli-gilA lot of stories flowing in clear water.


the Hantan River, which has a clear and clean appearance, you can feel the mystery of nature through the unusual terrain and the tangled stories. Especially, the topography of the Korean peninsula seen in Pocheon Meong-uli canyon caused by river erosion is the highlight of Columnar Joint Road. Between Cheorwon, Yeoncheon, and Pocheon, Pocheon Columnar Joint Road is the longest. Take a step on culture and eco trail along the river that minimizes damage to nature. Mysterious old stories may be heard in the stacked rocks.


Section distance : 53km

Jusangjeolligil Gallery

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