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DMZ Unification Train Tour

Dreaming of Becoming A Reunited Nation One DayThe Train Runs with Hopes for All of Us梦想着终有一天成为一家的那一天带着大家的愿望奔跑的火车There is a land whose waist is cut, and is in severe pain. The land seems increasingly forgotten as time passes. But we must remember those days when we could freely run to the end of that land. We should not forget it was initially a part of an integrated, single land. So, let us travel by train, embracing the ardent longing for the peaceful unification of Korea in our hearts. As such, the DMZ Unification Train runs energetically until Korea becomes on again. 


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A Shiny Start for the Unification Train


On July 22, 2015, the DMZ Unification Train Tour was launched with big fanfare. Marking the 70th anniversary of our longing for the reunification of Korea, the DMZ Unification Train Tour engages the youth to talk about the unification of Korea, to take a tour of the security sites in a bid to share the need for unification, and to prepare for unification.

The Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs, KORAIL, and KB Financial Public Foundation held an MOU signing ceremony to facilitate the operations of the DMZ Unification Train Tour, and appointed PR ambassadors for the DMZ Unification Train Tour. Participants of the first DMZ Unification Train Tour included the Minister of Government Administration and Home Affairs, university students, etc., while the second tour included the Unification Minister, children, and North Korean defectors who are now high school students. The third tour included the Minister of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, high school students, and university students. The DMZ Unification Train Tour along the DMZ has played a major role in sharing the need for Korean unification and the importance of security among all generations.


DMZ 통일열차

The Train Runs Powerfully, Carrying the Story of Unification


The DMZ Unification Train Tour discusses the unification of Korea aboard the train, and it includes an observation tour of security sites while talks on the theme of unification were conducted. Participants share their opinions on the necessity of unification through the talks and Q&A sessions.

Arriving at the frontline area, participants go on an observation tour of the North Korean tunnel in its attempt to infiltrate South Korea, the Unification Observatory, divided Korean sites, and Army units where various military weapons were stored. In the battlefields, participants held a moment of silence for the souls of the soldiers who died as patriots during the Korean War.

The DMZ Unification Train runs through the Gyeongui Line or the Gyeongwon Line for an observation tour of the frontline area, while detailed itineraries vary, depending on each tour. The DMZ Unification Train Tour seeks to share the stark reality of a divided Korea, to raise awareness on the necessity of unification, and to motivate people to work for a peaceful unification.


The Train Wishes to Be the Seed to Achieve Reunification


The DMZ Unification Train Tour is part of our efforts toward the unification of Korea. The tour is expected to be the starting point for easing the tension in the DMZ, and it aims to be the seed of the unification of Korea. The DMZ Unification Train Tour reveals the longing for unification and the pleasure of travel. The DMZ Unification Train hopes to deliver our hearts to the land beyond the DMZ, and it wishes to continue running.


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November 29, 2015

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December 3, 2016