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History we should remember The DMZ and the Korean War on the screen


The tragedy of the Korean War, when brothers and sisters raised in same place had to shoot each other, left a deep scar on us. It is important to ‘remember the tragedy’ in order not to repeat it again. Many filmmakers have reproduced this sad history on the screen through a variety of cinematic techniques. Let me Introduce the films based on the DMZ and the Korean War.

6·25战争让同一片土地上生长的兄弟们相互厮杀,这悲剧性的战争在我们的内心深处留下了一道深深的伤疤。 为了不再让悲剧重演“记住”是最重要的。 有很多电影人通过电影技术把这悲伤的历史重现在了大银幕上。 下面介绍以DMZ与6·25战争为素材的电影。

Into the stories of the DMZ and War


The special history of our nation, undergoing war and division of territory, has been filmed by many movie directors. Several directors have made films to describe the conflict, dissolution and reconciliation in the Korean War. For example, a well-known movie ‘Joint Security Area’, ‘TaeGukGi : Brotherhood of War’ touching 10 million people, and ‘Welcome to Dongmakgol’, which resolved the conflicts with a different perspective, etc. We must remember not only the ecological value of the DMZ, but also its social and cultural significance as the stage of tough history.

我们的民族经历的战争与分断,让无数电影人把这特殊历史用电影展现出来。 非常著名的“共同警备区JSA”,让千万观众流泪的“太极旗飘扬”,用另一种角度化解纠纷的“欢迎来到东莫村”, 有很多人是为了展现6·25战争的纠纷,解除,和解而当起了导演。 成为风尘历史舞台的DMZ,我们不仅应该记住生态的价值还要铭记社会·文化上的意义。