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Travel guides to the border line area adjacent to the DMZ. from NLL & DMZ Tour, the exploration of history and culture, leisure or relaxation to festivals.

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Road of Peace and Hope

  • Road of Peace and Hope We made the road named "Pyeonghwa Nurigil" hoping peace to come to this place where the trace of Korean War is left. more
  • Detailed Information on Nurigil Roads Try to take notes of remembrance of feelings that you feel on the road in the pictures and the videos. more
  • Nurigil Cartoon Please enjoy the story of Toba and Panda who came to have fun the perfect date in the weekends. more

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  • Peace Eco Village No.1image Peace Eco Village No.2image Peace Eco Village No.3image Peace Eco Village No.4image
    Peaceful eco-village Peace Eco-village dreaming peaceful future in the beautiful nature
    Make special memories enjoying a lot of the activities for experience
  • Villages in Civilian Control Zone
    Villages in Civilian Control Zone Border area, Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), and Civilian Control Line — these words are familiar to them. They have lived in the civilian control zone, dreaming of a unified Korea. We all have to dream of a free and happy life so we are dreaming and hoping with these villagers.
  • Hantangang River Jusangjeolligil
    Hantangang River Jusangjeolligil The river has continued to run for myriads of time without being dry. Despite the changes over time, the river has always been close to the people. The clear river water has preserved the stories of people’s lives. Precious things that man cannot make but only nature can create, and long-preserved heritages can be found in this river.
  • Island I want to visit NO.1 image Island I want to visit NO.2 image
    Island visitation The small island, surrounded by the sea, was lonely and sad because nearly no one visited it. If it shows its flowers, trees, and expansive tidal lands to visitors, it will certainly fill their hearts with peace. It will embrace the footsteps of people, in addition to having birds fly over it.