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[Dongducheon] Freedom Protection Peace Museum

  • Address96-63, Pyeonghwa-ro 2910-gil, Dongducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • InformationFreedom Protection Peace Museum : (031)860-3330
  • Hours of use09:00~18:00
    ※ Available Entrance Time : 30 Minutes before closing time
  • HolidaysEvery Monday (For Holiday, Tuesday Only), New Year’s Day, Lunar’s New Year Day, Korean Thanks Giving Day
  • Homepagewww.ddc21.net/museum
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2014
  • RevisedDecember 2, 2016


Where We Can Remind the Meaning of Freedom and Peace Through Protection from Noble Sacrifice.



6.25 Korean War is the history which we should not forget about. The Freedom Protection Peace Museum located at beautiful Mt.Soyo in Dongducheon-City. It helps the understanding of war and worshiped for sacrificing people who lost during the war and allied with UN that has almost forgotten for 60 years after the war. In the museum, you can find the exhibition which related to ‘21 participated countries and UN’s action state’, relics, and information.



Aside from that, they displayed canon, reconnaissance plane, jet, and etc at outside of museum. At the indoor museum, visitors can look around chronological facts expressed on 12 ceramics of the 8.15 independent to 6.25 Korean War. In the video room, you can watch the video clips about 6.25 Korean War, Incheon Landing Operation,and Prisoner of War Camp. As you can see, this museum is very meaningful security travel place to remind us and let us keep in our mind to precious of freedom and peace which we can enjoy it very well nowadays.


Information by
Dongducheon City, Freedom Protection Peace Museum, Korea Tourism Department.




• Individuals
- Adult 1,000won / Youth and Army 500won / Children 400won
• Group(more than30 pax)
- Adult 800won / Youth and Army 400won / Children 300won
• Dongducheon Citizens
- Adult  500won / Youth and Army 250won / Children 200won
※ Army : Who wears uniforms
※ Free of Charges: Man of national merit, Hand capped, Senior Citizens, Under Elementary school student.
※ Group visitors may refers to web board



 Facilities for the disabled

Wheelchair Rental, Toilet for the handicapped, Parking area for the handicapped, Elevator, Wheelchair Lift




• Outdoor Museum
- Huge equipment for war, from 6.25 Korean War to present ilitary uses plane, tank, and rifles of total 15 displayed.
• 1st  floor of Museum
- Mt.Soyo’s 4 seasons introduction and special exhibition, Historical movements of ceramics, Museum Represents, Small area of special exhibitions held.
• 2nd floor of Museum
- Major exhibition that 21 participated countries and UN’s action state’, relics, and information
• 3rd floor of Museum
- Video Room that you can watch the information of 6.25 Korean War

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