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[Cheorwon] Myeongseongsan Mountain

  • AddressGalmal-eup, Cheorwon-gun, Gangwon-do ~ Yeongbuk-myeon / Idong-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • InformationCheorwon-gun Culture & Tourism : (033)450-5151
  • HolidaysOpen all year around
  • Homepagehttp://tour.cwg.go.kr
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2014
  • RevisedDecember 2, 2016


Where the tragic story of GungYe flows with the golden waves of sinensis


Between Cheorwon of Gangwon-do and Pocheon of Gyeonggi-do, there is a place famous for its dense sinensis flowers and rock cliffs. It is Mt. Myeongseong, also called as ‘crying mountain’. It was a long time ago when GungYe of the Taebong nation set his capital and ruled. With his throne taken down by his subjects, he escaped to Mt. Myeongseong as the people lost faith in him due to his tyranny. He confronted Wang-Geon face to face during his escape. But as time passed, GungYe gradually lost his energy, and he dismissed his men in this wood. The confidants of GungYe cried out in sadness. Since then, it is said that sad cries were heard time to time in Mt. Myeongseong. There are still remains of the site where GungYe retired from the world in the mountain.


Mt. Myeongseong, holding the sorrow of a fallen nation, is now gaining popularity for its hiking spots with the magnificent view of sinensis flowers. When it’s autumn, the waves of golden sinensis flowers flow along the landscape endlessly. Hereupon the ‘Sanjeong Lake Mt. Myeongseong Sinensis Festival’ was held from the late 1990’s. From since then, various hiking courses were developed so that anybody could enjoy the site.


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