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[Paju] Paju English Village

  • Address40 Ereumsil-ro, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si ,Gyeongki-do
  • InformationPaju English Village : (031)956-2323
  • Hours of use09:30~18:00
    ※ Monday : No daily experience program
    ※ Tuesday : No daily experience program
    ※ After 6pm, admission is free. It is closed at 10:00
    ※ Schedules are flexible according to the conditions of village.
    ※ Schedules of New Year and Thanksgiving Day will be noticed in advance in the website. ※You should get the experience admission for entering the village.
  • HolidaysOpen all year around
  • Homepagewww.english-village.or.kr
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2014
  • RevisedDecember 5, 2016


Everything is exotic and new in English Village, like one of scenes from the foreign movie.


Everything is unfamiliar, but friendly in Paju English Village. Some buildings inspired by the town of English-speaking world of the movie belie that you are being in the foreign countries. Paju English Village provides the English class with experience, game and education in this exotic environment. Through strict selection process, about 150 selected excellent teachers, school health nurses, and staff stay in here to provide the best educational services in many ways, such as performances, experience, and discussions.


Not only students taking the regular course, but also the public can have a tour to experience the life of Paju English Village through daily experience programs. Public facilities, commercial facilities, various experience facilities and playing facilities are the convenient residential space as well as the special experience space. It is an unique attraction as English cultural space with the life and the education.


Information by 
Paju City, Korea Tourism Organization




• Admission
Admission : Weekday 3,000won / Weekend 5,000won

- Admission for the musical : 10,000won

- Daily experience admission : 8,000won

- 3 people family experience admission : 40,000won

- 4 people family experience admission : 50,000won

- Street experience admission : Free


• Free
Children (under 36 months) and Seniors(65 and over)

- Camping guests : Seven people get 50 % off or free for the musical


• Discount 
Group(20 people and over) : Musical, 20% off

- Disabilities and Men of national merit get 50% off for admission, the musical

※ Reservation for a group(School), please call us before visiting. (1588-0554) 

※ Free visitors(camping, book club, invitation) and social commerce customers before 5. 31 are free for Street english experience.

※ If you get a discount, you should bring the documentary evidences. (Individual visitor only)

※ You get a daily experience or English musical admission, you don’t need to get an extra admission. 






• Entrance/Commercial Facilties 
- Stone Henge, Castle Gate, Immigration Office, Sports Center, Swimming Pool, Indoor Gym, Main Street, Gift Shop, Cafe, Italian Restaurant, Bakery


• Concert/Exhibition
Concert Hall, Exhibition Hall, Red Tram


• Accommodation/Amenities
Dormitory, Training Institute, Lounge, Cafeteria


• Campground
S-campground A-zone, Campground Telescope, Campground E/W zone


• etc.
Rail Bike 


• Instruction
Campground is the educational site, so don’t act to interrupt the education.

- Turn off you cell phone in the musical and the educational program.

- No photography allowed during the musical and the class.


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