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[Paju] Honeyland

  • Address218-beongil, Janggok-ro, Jori-eup, Paju-si ,Gyeongki-do
  • InformationHoneyland : (031)945-2250
  • Hours of use• Amusement Park 10:00~18:00
    • Water Park, Snow pARK 10:00~17:00
    • Business hours : always 10:00~18:00
  • HolidaysOpen all year around
  • Homepagewww.honeyland.co.kr
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2014
  • RevisedDecember 5, 2016


Honey Land for all family to enjoy leisure activities in nature

在自然的怀抱中享受的愉快的休闲,全家人变得幸福的Honey Land

Honey Land is the largest leisure facilities in the northern metropolitan museum, and it abuts onto Tongil-ro that is Route 1. Since it is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the rest is by Janggok Lake, so you have spend the pleasant time in the beautiful nature. In summer, you can enjoy swimming and water sledding in Water Park, and in winter, you can enjoy ice-sledding in Snow Park. Most facilities are for families, so it is good for a family trip. Rides and buildings are decorated, like a wonderland, it make your trip more splendid.

在首都圈北部地区享誉最大规模的休闲设施的Honey Land,邻近于国道1号线的统一路边。三面以深绿的绿荫山围绕,剩下的一面是广阔的长谷湖水,在美丽的自然怀抱中,可以度过愉快的时光。夏天可以在戏水乐园享受游泳与水橇,冬天则在戏雪乐园等待我们的是令人愉快的雪橇。Honey Land内的娱乐设施,大部分是成年人与儿童可以一起享受的设施,在家族单位访客中特别有人气。娱乐设施与建筑物就像进入童话里面,设计小巧,使Honey Land的一天更加愉快。 

Information by 
Paju City




• Admission tickets
Adults 1,000won / Teens and Active military 800won / Children 500won


• Tickets for rides
Adults for one ride 4,000won, Big5 15,000won / Teens for one ride 4,000won, Big5 15,000won / Children for one ride 3,000won, Big5 12,000won

※ Big 5 is the ticket for five rides whatever you want.

※ It is one ticket per person.

※ Teens are junior school students and over, Children are 24 months are more.


• Yuseonjang
four-seater 10,000won / three-seater 9,000won / two-seater7,000won


• Water Park
Adults 11,000won / Children 9,000won(including water-sledding)


• Snow Park
Adults 11,000won / Children 9,000won(including sled rental fee) 



Facilities for visitors with disabilities 

Wheelchair-accessible restrooms 




Water Park, Water-sledding Slope, Snow Park, Jumping Star, Kid Ride, Riding Balloon, Family Car, Kids Train, Sky Train, Carousel, Mini Bus, Mini Biking, Bakchi Train, Pang Pang Elephant, Biking, 3-d Theater, Honey Garden, Duck Boat, Fantastic Theater


• Instruction 

- No Littering and burner allowed.

- Please do not bring a soccer ball, in-ilne skates, a kick board, a bicycle for the safety.

- No Pets Allowed.

- Keep off the grass.  

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