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[Paju] Heyri Culture Art Village

  • Address82-105 Maeul-gil, Heiri, Tanhyeon-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeongki-do
  • Information• Heyri Office : (031)946-8551
    • Heyri Tourist Information Center : 1588-7387
  • Hours of useIt is different according to the facility
  • HolidaysMonday
  • Homepagewww.heyri.net
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2014
  • RevisedDecember 5, 2016


The largest art village in Korea has the rich culture created by various artists


A writer, an artist, a movie director and a architect agreed to cooperated with each other. Heyri Culture Art Village where is the largest art village in Korea to conduct a creation, an exhibition, a festival and an education. There are the unique building that inside and outside are indistinguishable or the unusual building standing obliquely, unlike the common square-shaped building. ‘Heyri’ is pure Korean, and it is derived from ‘Heyri sound’ that is passed down among farmers. It is impressive that a lot of buildings, such as galleries, exhibition halls, museums, theaters, cafes and restaurant, are in harmony with the unpaved natural road.

The village is considerably large, and it is not easy to look around all at once. Let’s just take a walk slowly without any purpose. You can meet the interesting buildings and sculptures unexpectedly. More than half of buildings in Heyri Village open to the public, sometimes, there are diverse cultural events with domestic and foreign famous culture organizations. It always opens to enjoy and share ‘our art’, not ‘my art’. The whole village is the creative art having things to see and enjoy. It is a perfect trip for people who want to take a walk in the unusual interesting place.


Information by 
Paju City




※ Admission fee is charged in the private spaces


• Heyri Package Tour 

- Heyri Gallery Package(Choose three among Heyri galleries) : 2,500 won 

- Heyri Exhibition•Museum Package(Choose three among exhibitions and museums) : Adults11,000 won / Children 9,000 won 

- Heyri Pan Package(Gallery Package+Exhibition•Museum Package+One Meal Ticket) : Premium, Adults 28,500won, Children 26,500won / General, Adults 21,000won, Children 19,000won


※ Call : Heyri Tourist Information Center 1588-7387 






Gallery, Exhibit Hall, Museum, Small Theater, Art Shop, Bookstore, Venue Rental, Guest House, Restaurant, Cafe, and etc. 


• Instruction 

- Commercial filming in the external and internal spaces of Heyri Culture Art Village requires a prior consultation with Heyri Office 

- Most of spaces of Heyri Culture Art Village are closed on Monday.

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