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[Ongjin] DaeIjak island

  • AddressIjak-1ri, Jawol-myeon, OngjinCounty, Incheon Metropolitan City
  • InformationOngjin County Tourism Culture:(032)899-2114
  • Homepagewww.ongjin.go.kr/tour
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2014
  • RevisedDecember 2, 2016


DaeIjak island with Puldeng sand island unveiling like a mirage, calm fishing place and relaxation


There is one story about the name of Ijak island, dividing it into DaeIjak island and SoIjak island. From the late Goryeo period to the early part of Joseon, this area was occupied by pirates called “Haejeok” in Korean. So it is called “Heajeok Island” and it has beenfinally turned to “Ijak Island”.



Dae Ijak Island, located 44km from Incheon and about 200m from SoIjak Island, is not a big island. The length of the beach is only 18km and the population is about 280. However, it is very popular for travelers because the sea water is especially pure and the clean white beach and pine tree forest on the beach make a beautiful landscape. Also, Puldeng Sand Island, which is unveiled when an ebb tide comes, is one of its most famous scenes. Around the beach, there are some spots for fishing from the rocks on the seashore so the people who want to enjoy fishing calmly can be satisfied. Also, the view from the top of Mt. Bua is beautiful. From Mt. Bua, we can gather wild edible greens such as the roots of bellflowers, Deodeok (codonopsislanceolata) and Solomon’s seals. DaeIjak Island doesn’t have public transportation, hotels and lodges. It is necessary to use home-stay cars when you travel.



DaeIjak Island has a project in the works to build a seaside eco village based on original nature such as Puldeng and migmatite. It is also good news for travelers that a road to enjoy walking along the beach is set up and they are making places to experience marine life and building an eco-environmental instruction center.




Information by

Ongjin County, The Ministry of Security and Public Administration




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