DMZ The Land of Peace and LifeDMZ The Land of Peace and Life DMZIGI


Understanding in more depth and detail Diverse perspectives on the DMZ


Our perspectives on the DMZ do not stay in the only one space. That is because there are many stories in the 'DMZ' theme such as ecological value, geographical characteristic, and social-cultural point of view. Through the videos below, we can meet the DMZ with diverse perspectives and learn about historical events vividly. Let’s meet the DMZ, which is very close but difficult to get to see, through the videos first.

对DMZ我们的看法不只停留在一个地方。 生态价值,地形特征,社会·文化性观点等,在DMZ的主题里有着很多故事 通过下面视频的介绍我们可以在各个方面了解DMZ,可以学到很多历史事件。 虽然很近但无发近距离观察的DMZ,先在视频里了解一下吧。

Let's take a closer look at so close yet far DMZ


What do the four seasons of the DMZ look like? In the DMZ, the forbidden land and the symbol of the Cold War, flowers come out in spring, wind blows in summer, trees shed leaves in autumn, and the snowflakes fall and sit down on dead leaves in winter. The image of a terrifying goat (1st class of endangered wildlife), hidden in a steep mountain region, is also caught by the camera lens. We also show you the traces of the fierce battle that took place in the DMZ.

DMZ的四季会是什么样呢?有段时间这里是禁断之地也是冷战的象征,但春天DMZ也会开花,夏天刮风,秋天落叶,冬天下雪。 因生性懦怯而躲在陡峭山岳上生活的濒临灭绝危机的一级野生动物山羊也有拍摄到。 在DMZ发生过激烈战斗的痕迹也将一一介绍给大家。