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[Yanggu-gun Tour] Yanggu Porcelain Museum Park Sugeun Museum Yanggu History Experience Center Yanggu Modern and Contemporary History Museum Yanggu Prehistory Museum

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While planning this trip, I found out that Yanggu, Gangwon-do, has more destinations to see and enjoy than I thought. In particular, art museums containing the achievements of representative artists of Korea, Park Su-geun Museum, and white porcelain museums with numerous white porcelain made of Yanggu white clay are the most anticipated places for Yanggu's trip.

■ Yanggu Porcelain Museum

☞ Address : 5182 Pyeonghwa-ro, Bangsan-myeon, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do

☞ Hours : 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed on Every Monday)

☞ Admission : 3,000won - 50% Yanggu Voucher for a ticket

Phone : 033-480-7238

Yanggu Porcelain Museum

Yanggu Porcelain Museum

In Yanggu, there are high-quality white clay and pottery that make white porcelain were buried , and the white clay is of good quality, so it was used to produce royal white porcelain in detached building for 500 years during the Joseon Dynasty, and it is said that it was the only one in the country that continued to produce white porcelain for 600 years from the end of the Goryeo Dynasty to the 1970s. The Yanggu White Porcelain Museum was opened to preserve the history of white porcelain production in Yanggu, and to research and explore the modern value of Yanggu White Porcelain, which was used as a central raw material for Joseon royal white porcelain.

Entrance of Porcelain Museum Yanggu Porcelain Museum  Modern White Porcelain Exhibition Hall

L) Entrance of Porcelain Museum / M) Yanggu Porcelain Museum / R) Modern White Porcelain Exhibition Hall

The museum's exhibition room consists of a Yanggu white porcelain room, a modern white porcelain room, ‘A thousand lights“ room, a video room, and an open storage room, and a white porcelain experience program is also available. (separate fee is required)
Each exhibition room has a variety of themes, and next to the displayed works is a sign with detailed explanations.

Exhibition Room A Thousand Lights

L) Exhibition Room / R) 'A Thousand Lights'

The special exhibition room displays various pieces of artwork on ceiling-high shelves. The displayed white porcelain is made by a thousand artists in different styles with the same amount of Yanggu white clay. In addition, I was able to learn more about Yanggu's white porcelain in a video room with media art related to it and a exhibition room that change every time.

■ Park Sugeun Museum

☞ Address : 265-15 Parksugeun-ro, Yanggu-eup, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do

☞ Hours : 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed one Every Monday)

☞ Admission : Adults 6,000won / Students 3,000won - 50% Yanggu Voucher for a ticket

☞ hone : 0507-1364-7226

Park Sugeun Museum

Park Sugeun Museum

The Yanggu Park Sugeun Museum is located in the village of Jeonglim-ri, Yanggu-eup, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do, the birthplace of artist Park Sugeun. Park Sugeun showed talent for art when he was in elementary school, and he was impressed by Millet's "The Angelus“ in the book and he had dreamed of becoming an artist. In the "Under the Tree" special exhibition, which is currently being held at the Park Sugeun Memorial Exhibition Hall, the living and relics of Park Sugeun, who tried to live his life in poverty and difficult times, while doing his best to have a relaxed mind.
※ Prohibited area for photography

Museum of Modern Art Works by Park Byungil

L)Museum of Modern Art / R)Works by Park Byungil

Works by Park Mijin Works by Kim Kim Hyung Gon

L)Works by Park Mijin / R)Works by Kim Kim Hyung Gon

At the Museum of Modern Art, there is a special exhibition called "Chun-chak(Exploration)" and works by artists living in the Miseok Art Village are on display. (The Miseok Art Village is an art village composed of artists who have moved to Yanggu and settled down to work) It is an exhibition that communicates with artists' own formative language and art, and expresses the daily life around us through art.

Drawing zone Engraving

Children's Art Museum

In addition, there are pavilion, realistic content experience zones Larchiveum, and children's Art Museum. The Children's Art Museum is also a good place to enjoy with children because they can have various experience such as Goguryeo story video room, stamping experiences, coloring, and engraving experiences.

■ Yanggu History Experience Center

☞ Address : 200 Hamchun-ro, Yanggu-eup, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do

☞ Hours : 09:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed on Every Monday)

☞ Admission : Free

☞ Phone : 033-481-2868

Entrance of Yanggu History Experience Center

Entrance of Yanggu History Experience Center

The Yanggu History Experience Center is designed to allow visitors to experience the natural ecology, history, living culture, and art of Yanggu, where long history breathes together.

Information about Yanggu in the center of the country Ecology of Yanggu History of Yanggu

L)Information about Yanggu in the center of the country/ M) Ecology of Yanggu / R)History of Yanggu

Yanggu is located in the center of Korea, so you can see ‘the country's center sign’ all over the city. You can also see information related to the center of the country at the History Experience Center, and ecological views such as the animals, plants, and living environments living in Yanggu and prehistoric times are also on display.

Modern History of Yanggu Yanggu War Children's History Experience Center

L)Modern History of Yanggu/ M)Yanggu War / R)Children's History Experience Center

It was interesting to be able to have various experiences by touching the exhibits or screens with your hands, not just with your eyes. In the Children's History Experience Center, there is also a space where you can engrave the Joseon Dynasty's Mapae (plaque) on paper and take photos in the photo zone wearing the prepared costumes.Although the space is not large, it was a Yanggu History Experience Center where you can experience the images of Yanggu people living in prehistoric times, the birth of Yanggu white porcelain in the Joseon Dynasty, the stories of Yanggu through the Korean War with Japanese colonial era, and the stories of culture and art created by local people.

■ Yanggu Modern and Contemporary History Museum

☞ Address : 439-52 Geumgangsan-ro, Yanggu-eup, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do

☞ Hours : 10:00 ~ 18:00 (Closed on Every Monday )

☞ Admission : 3,000won - 3,000 won Yanggu Voucher for a ticket

☞ Phone : 033-480-7222

Entrance of Yanggu Modern and Contemporary History Museum

Entrance of Yanggu Modern and Contemporary History Museum

The Yanggu Modern and Contemporary History Museum is the first museum specializing in modern and contemporary history in Gangwon-do, and collects and exhibits various modern and contemporary history materials in Yanggu.

Present and Future Hall Folklore Material Experience Hall Memories Gallery

L)Present and Future Hall/ M)Folklore Material Experience Hall / R)Memories Gallery

The Yanggu exhibition hall consists of a "History Museum" where visitors can see historical materials of Yanggu, a "Folk Museum" that introduces Hwajeon(slash and burn people) folk culture and materials, a "Memories Photo Museum" where visitors can see Yanggu's modern and contemporary images through photos, and a "Yanggu's Present and Future Hall" that develops into a natural environment and a livable Yanggu culture and economy. In the center of the exhibition hall, it consists of an experience space where visitors can directly touch and experience folk materials and a "Yanggu Travel Experience Zone" where they can feel as if they are actually traveling while rolling bicycle pedals.

Camera Hall The Second Exhibithion Hall

L)Camera Hall/ R)The Second Exhibithion Hall

In addition, it consists of the first exhibition hall, the second exhibition hall, the camera hall, the planned exhibition hall, and the donor special exhibition hall.
Exhibition Hall 1 - Flow of Modern and Contemporary History of Korea / Postcards and Stamps of Korea, World Stamps
Exhibition Hall 2 - Exhibition of Memories of Modern and Contemporary History, Arirang, and Publications
Camera Hall - The Birth and History of Cameras, Camera Exhibitions from around the world
Special Exhibition Hall for Donors - exhibition of pottery, calligraphy and folk items among the donors who donated historical and cultural materials
It was a special Yanggu Modern and Contemporary History Mudeum because I could see various exhibitions from the first to second floors, and I could learn about stamps and cameras from many countries around the world beyond the history of our country.

■ Yanggu Prehistory Museum

☞ Tickets need to be paid at the Modern and Contemporary History Museum

Entrance of Yanggu Prehisoric Museum

Entrance of Yanggu Prehisoric Museum

Yanggu Prehistoric Museum is the first prehistoric museum in Korea. It displays prehistoric remains and relics of Yanggu, from the Bukhangang River area and the ruins of Sangmuryong-ri, Yanggu to the ancient stone ruins of Daegori and Gongsu-ri.

Fossil Exhibition Hall Marine Fossils Paleolithic Relics

L) Fossil Exhibition Hall / M) Marine Fossils / R) Paleolithic Relics

The fossil exhibition hall displays fossils of trilobites that have lived on Earth for 300 million years, allowing us to learn more about the fossil trilobites of the Paleozoic specimens. In the first to fifth exhibition rooms, you can see photos of excavation sites found in Yanggu, Chuncheon, and Gangneung, as well as relics and earthenware from historical sites.

Entrance of Dolmen Park Dugout Hut Guide Map Dolmen

L) Entrance of Dolmen Park / M) Dugout Hut Guide Map / R) Dolmen

Dolmen Park is set up outdoors. The park features dugout huts, primitive figures, and dolmen, and there are explanations and experience signs so you can get inside and learn more about the huts. In addition, it was a good place to take a walk while looking at various attractions by embodying a comb-patterned earthenware chair, various dolmens, and old life.

■ Restaurant information (Source : Yanggu Culture & Tourism Website )

■ Okcheon Restaurant

☞ Address : Jungang Market, 68, Jungang-gil, Yanggu-eup, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do

☞ Hours : 10:00 ~ 14:00 (Closed on Every Monday)

☞ Phone : 033-481-2454

Okcheon Restaurant1 Okcheon Restaurant2 Okcheon Restaurant3

※ Business hours are very short, and when ingredients run out, they close before 14:00.

■ Sigol Bunsik (Country food)

☞ Address : 1 Sampalsun-ro, Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do

☞ Hours : 11:30 ~ 21:00

☞ Phone : 033-481-4635

Sigol Bunsik1 Sigol Bunsik2 Sigol Bunsik3

※ 15:00 ~ 17:00 break time

※ Closing day is flexible, I would recommend you to call before visit

(※This content was produced through the sponsorship of the DMZ (Integrated Information System) of the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.)


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