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[Paju] Dorasan Station

  • Address555, Nosang-ri , Jangdan-myeon, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do
  • InformationDorasan Station : (031)953-3334
  • Homepagehttp://tour.paju.go.kr
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2014
  • RevisedDecember 2, 2016


Coexist of Reality and New Hope of Divided Country, Located at South Korea’s Closest Station to North Korea.

The Dorasan Station is located at restricted area that closest station around 700m away from the Southern Limit Line from North Korea. After opening of Imjingang Station in October, 2001, the special Mangbae Train passes Imjingang on February, 12, 2002 which started to run after 52 years of stop running. It has been spotlighted to the world during February 20th, 2002 United State’s president Bush visited the station. In the Dorasan Station, direction sign stands that ‘56 km from Seoul, 205 km from Pyeongyang’. This sign shows reality of South and North Korea’s division, at the same time, our hope that we must bring it for unification.



Furthermore, Dorasan Mountain has ancient historical story about last king of Silla who named King Gyeongsun in after three kingdoms period(Hu-Samguk). When Shinra collapsed in King Gyeongsun (879Year), he surrendered to Goryeo King Taejo Wanggun and returned the Songdo then Taejo Wanggun let his daughter Princess Nakrang to be married with King Gyeongsun.



Princess Nakrang tried to comfort King Gyeongsun and built hermitage in middle of Dorasan Mountain and let him stay there. Then she named the place to be ‘Youngsuam(永守菴)’ which means guardingand protecting forever. This mountain named Dorasan Mountain(都羅山) causes of King Gyeongsun always wept towards to longing of Shinra’s City every morning and night at the peak of mountain.



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• DMZ Related Trip Fee/( )Fee is Elavator Usage Charges
- Adult 8,700won(11,700won) / Children and Youth 6,700won(9,200won) / Senior 5,900won (7,400won)
※ Seoul Station~Dorasan Station should be entered specific train and number of entries and out should be same. 





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