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[Pocheon] Herb Island

  • Address517-2 Samjeong-ri, 35-947 beongil, Cheongsin-ro, Sinbuk-myeon, Pocheon-si, Gyeonki-do
  • InformationHerb Island : (031) 535-6494 Herb Island
  • Hours of use• The summer season (March 1~November 30)
    - Monday~Thursday : 10:00~21:00
    - Friday : 10:00~22:00
    - Saturday : 09:00~23:00 - Sunday : 09:00~22:00

    • The winter season (December 1~February 28)
    - Monday~Thursday : 11:00~21:00
    - Friday : 11:00~22:00
    - Saturday : 09:00~23:00
    - Sunday : 09:00~22:00
  • HolidaysOpen 7 days a week
  • Homepageww.herbisland.co.kr
  • PublishedDecember 1, 2014
  • RevisedDecember 5, 2016


The beautiful Mediterranean-style buildings and gardens. Let’s enjoy various festivals with ‘herbs in our lives’


Herb Island was opened in Pocheon-si Sinbuk-myeon Samjeong-ri on October, 1998. It is based on ‘herbs in our lives’ in the beautiful nature of the 100,000 square meters space. It is agricultural tourism with varied themes to take a rest through five senses. There are Herbs Museum that is the largest in Korea as well as the world’s first one (you can view 340 species of herbs in 2,000 square meters space), Venetia that is water city in Italy (gondolas, castles, villages, stores, Trevi foundation, glass arts and Carnival of Venice), Une Petite Village, like a French farmhouse, that is the experience center to make in the traditional ways, Outside Garden(1,000 square meters) and Mountain Garden(3,000 square meters). It will be unforgettable experience to get healthy experience with herbs in Herb Healing Center.

10万坪美丽的自然里面以‘生活里的香草’为主题运营的香草岛,于1998年10月在抱川市新北面三井里开张。香草岛是通过五感体验尽情享受身心的休息的主题型观光农场。世界最早,包括韩国最大规模的香草植物博物馆(2,000坪的内部观赏340多种香草)、意大利的水城威尼斯(贡多拉、城、村庄、商店、Trevi喷水、玻璃工艺、假面庆典),已经建设再现法国农户的传统方式制作体验场-Un Petit Village、野外庭院(1,000坪)、山中庭院(3,000坪)等。在香草治愈中心的香草健康体验也是不可或缺的经验。

It is decorated with the Mediterranean-style beautiful buildings and gardens, and it holds various festivals every month. There are Fairy-tale Illumination Festival that is most popular, Rosemary festival, Jasmine festival, Geranium festival, and Flower festival. Let’s make a great memory and take a rest in Herb Island.


Information by 
Pocheon City, Korea Culture Organization, Herb Island 




• Individual

Adults 6,000 won / Teens 4,000 won


• Group (Thirty people and more)

Adults 4,000 won


• Special admission

4,000 won (37 months~Junior high school students/Men of national merit/ Disabilities(Lever 3 and over)/Senior(65 and over)

• Free

Children(36months and under)/Sinbuk-myeon residents(ID required)




Yes(Available up to 800 cars, free)


•Town to eat the scent

- Herb Ribs, Herb Bakery, Healing Food, Healing Burger, Herb Cafe, Athens Hall Restaurant


•Town to sell the scent

- Scent Store, Children store, Special Product Market, Venetian Store


•Town to enjoy

- Herb museum, Santa town, Trevi Fountain, Herb Museum, Une petit village, Street to the past, Venetian town, Secret French pension, Mediterranean fairyland pension.


• Healing Center

- Herb Healing Center

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